TVTC student and instructor working together on a carpentry project.


All forms must be completed and submitted with application to TERO Vocational Training Center. This will allow us to begin seeking services that may be available to you while in our training. Please provide your Tribal ID or proof of marriage or parentage to a recognized tribal member. If you have difficulty with a form please contact our Navigator.

Click here to download the TVTC Student Application

The downloaded form will show in the footer of your browser, click ‘show in folder or open it in your downloads folder.

To complete and submit the application, open the downloaded application in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Fill out the form and click the ‘Click Here To Email Form” button. Clicking the button will open your email client allowing you to send the application to TVTC.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed you can get it here.

Student of TERO Vocational Training Center working on an electrical project.